The Magnolia Resort
Highly Recommended
Kefalonia Island
The Magnolia Resort is situated in Kefalonia’s tranquil southern inlet of Katelios. - Tel:, Fax: E-mail: info@themagnoliaresort.com
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Snack Bar / Lunch Menu

Full menu of our snack bar!
Snack Bar Menu

Classic Club Sandwich - €6.00
This a double decker sandwich: three slices of toasted bread, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato, lotsa mayo, bacon, ham and cheese. Served chips.

Cheese Burger - €5.00
A homemade grilled beef patty, loaded with lettuce, tomato, onions, and melted cheese, Served with chips.

Toasties - €3.00
A simple grilled Sandwich, filled with any combo of cheese, ham, onion, or tomato.

Egg omelettes - €5.00
A three egg omelette, with chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, and ham, garnished with a season green salad.

Fresh Cut Fries - €4.00
These are fresh cut fries, and deep fried to perfection.

Crispy Ocean Delight - €6.00
This is a combo of deep fried Calamari, with tasty fried anchovies, served with chips.

Homous and Pita - €3.00
The chick pea puree, chick peas, tahini, and roasted garlic blended together, served with Grilled pita bread, makes for a great light meal.

Zesty Tzatziki - €3.00
The traditional yogurt based spread, with lots of roasted garlic, cucumber, dill, and Olive oil, served with grilled pita bread.

Traditional Greek Salad - €5.00
Local tomatoes, Crispy Cucumbers, fresh green peppers, tangy onions, olives, original feta cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.

Greek Pasta Salad - €5.00
The Cool refreshing choice, Penne Pasta, mixed with chopped green and red peppers, Cherry tomatoes, Olives, Crumbled feat, a bevy of Greek herb and spices, dressed in a lemon Vinaigrette.

Nota’s Tuna Salad - €5.50
Mixed Salad, with crispy leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, mixed in Nota secret dressing. Heaped with Tuna, and spiced to perfection.

Prosciutto Delight - €5.50
Toasted Baguette, with prosciutto on a bed of leaf lettuce, topped with slices of pears, and Sliced buttery brie cheese. Served with a mixed green salad.

Tuna salad Sandwich - €5.00
Tender chucks of Tuna, mixed with a creamy sauce served with crisp lettuce, on a dark rye Toasted bread.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese - €6.00
Fresh Dark rye bread sliced and covered in cool creamy cream cheese. Topped with slices of Smoked Salmon, flavoured with fresh dill, and capers.