The Magnolia Resort
Highly Recommended
Kefalonia Island
The Magnolia Resort is situated in Kefalonia’s tranquil southern inlet of Katelios. - Tel:, Fax: E-mail: info@themagnoliaresort.com
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Prices & terms

Useful Information
- Breakfast is served between 7:30 am and 10:00 am, cooked breakfast starts 1:00 hour later on an a la cart basis, please check costs on menu
- Snack Bar menu available between 12 noon and 4:00 pm
- Dinner served between 6:00 pm and 10:30 pm
- Bar opens 11:00 am and closes 1:00 am
- Pool towels are signed out at check in, returned at check out. Please do not use pool towels at beach, if pool towels need cleaning please exchange at front desk. Lost pool towels must be replaces at a cost of 14 Euro each.
- Dial 9 to call reception, dial 0 to place outgoing calls
- Please use electric blinds when not in room to help keep room cool.
- Spa treatments must be booked through reception.
- Hair and aesthetic services must be booked through reception.
- Parasols will be kept closed on windy days, for the safety of all guests.
- Check out time is at 12: pm, showers are available in pool area, and spa area, for guests who have late pick-up time.
- For Local Bus schedule, please see reception.
- Tea and coffee refreshment packets are available at bar.
- For guests that have purchased a day trip from reps, and are leaving before posted breakfast times please ask management to arrange for a packaged breakfast.
- If you have forgotten safe, or door code please don’t hesitate to contact front desk.
- Rooms are smoke free, please. If you need an ash tray for balcony please ask at bar.
- Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, but due to earthquake resistant walls the signal may be intermittent in rooms, please ask front desk for a hard wire connection.
- Use of air conditioning is free, but please help us to reduce use of electricity by turning of air conditioning when not in your room.
- We have one disabled room.
- Children under 12 not allowed.
Rooms Rules and Regulations

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to help hotel staff ensure that all our guests enjoy their stay with Magnolia.
Hotel rules and regulation will be rigorously enforced by management.

1) Hotel Check out time is at 11:00 am, Check in is at 2:00 pm. Facilities are available to temporarily store personal belongs. Please ensure all personal belongings are removed as hotel will not be responsible for missing items.

2) All incidental fees and charges must be settled before check out. Invoices will be provided at front desk, once payment is made front desk will return id cards, and passports.

3) All rooms charges; example: long distance phone charges, mini bar, damages, or missing hotel property will be clearly stated on check out invoice.

4) Please keep valuable in safe, as hotel will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.

5) Magnolia hotel, and its management reserve the right to alter, or change these rules and regulation as they see fit, from time to time. Without notice.

6) Smoking is prohibited in rooms and anywhere on the property, flammable items are not allowed on premises. Any corrosive or flammable chemicals, or dangerous materials are strictly prohibited in rooms, and are not allowed onto the property.

7) Cooking is not allowed in rooms, or anywhere on the property. Ignition of any cooking, heating flames are prohibited. Candles for any purpose are not permitted in rooms.

8) No electrical devices, except those for personal grooming are allowed in rooms.

9) Hotel management reserves the right to enter the rooms from time to time to ensure that rules are followed.

10) Excessive noise will not be tolerated on hotel premises. Please keep noise in rooms to a minimum, please help to ensure that all guests enjoy their stay at Magnolia.

11) Gambling of any sort will not be allowed on the premises. Unlawful behavior is also not allowed. Hotel management reserves the right to remove any guest that is practicing unlawful behavior, is causing excessive noise, is acting with disrespect to the hotel staff or other hotel guest. This removal will not be grounds for refund of money for room.

12) Any damage done to any hotel property will be charged to the account of the guest who is deemed to have caused the damage.

13) Only guests registered at front desk may sleep in rooms. Guest must sleep in rooms assigned to them. No guest other than those assigned can be in rooms after 10:00 pm. No unregistered guest will be permitted in the common areas after 1:00 am, and no un-registed guest are permitted in rooms after 10:00 pm.

14) Running is not permitted in the public areas, corridors, or rooms. Horse play will also not be tolerated on the hotel premises.

15) Running, and horseplay will not be allowed in the pool area. This rule will be absolutely enforced for the safety of all guests

16) Proper attire should be worn in all public areas of the hotel. Nudity will not be tolerated anywhere on the property. For safety, shoes must be worn throughout the premises.

17) Drunken and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. Obnoxious, or belligerent actions will be reported to authorities.

18) Hotel items (towels, pillows, blankets, tea pots, cups, drinking glasses, etc) are not permitted to be removed from the hotel premises. Keys should be dropped off at front desk before leaving hotel.

19) Pets are not allowed in rooms, unless permission has been granted by hotel management.

20) Eternal Food and beverages is not permitted in public areas of the hotel.

21) Breakfast will be served between 8:00 am 10:30 am, location of breakfast will be at the discretion of hotel management.

22) Illegal substances are not permitted on the property. Accommodation will be cancelled if firearms, weapons, or illegal substance are discovered.

23) Diving in to the pool is strictly prohibited. This rule will be strictly enforced for all guest safety.

24) Access to Pool will be prohibited after 8:00 pm and before 10:00 am.

25) Gym and spa area will be closed after 8:00 pm and before 8:00 am.

26) Please don’t move around furniture in rooms.

27) Please use garbage receptades for wastes, please don’t throw wastes into Toilet.

28) Soliciting for business, or any other purpose will not be permitted on the property, or rooms.

29) More than two people will not be allowed in the rooms, unless Management has approved such action.

30) Parking will be provided, Management will assign you a spot. Please park in area provided. Don’t park elsewhere as you vehicle will be removed without notice.

31) To ensure room is cleaned please bring room card down to reception by 11:00 am.

32) Please check appendix B for policy on Towels, and room cleaning.

33) Please check Appendix A for instructions for use of telephone in room.

34) Please take a few moments to look at escape routes in case of an emergency. If it is not obvious please ask Hotel management for a description of safety features.

35) All accounts must be settled before check out. Hotel requires a valid credit card when guests are checking in.

36) Under no circumstances, are guest permitted to block, or obstruct any of the hallways, corridors. And walkways. These corridors, hallways, walkways are for emergency purposes. Any obstruction whatsoever will be removed immediately without exception.

To use phone follow these ease steps:
Dial 9 followed by the number to dial external numbers. Local 10 digit numbers begin with 267, Euroean numbers you must dial 00 followed by country code, overseas number continent code followed by Country code. Country codes: UK-44, Austria-61, Sweden-46, Italy-39, Cyprus 357, Czech Republic-420, Serbia-381, Germany-49, France-33. Dial 0, to contact reception.

Contracts with tour operator state that rooms should be cleaned 3 times per week, and linen and towels. To be replaced 2 twice per week. As an additional no charge service we will clean and freshen rooms up daily. Towels and linen will be changed every other day as a complimentary service. If towels need changing on days other than change day please ask reception to make arrangements. Please help up to achieve our Eco Friendly targets by re0using towels until house cleaning is required to change them.